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We are a mexican company located in Monterrey, N.L., with more than 20 years of experience, dedicated to promote the radiation safety philosophy and the rational use of ionizing radiation in the medical and industrial sector, at local, national and international level. Also, we represent international companies in the radiation field for sales, services and support.

We offer services and products of quality to organizations so they can fulfill all their needs in the radiation safety field, also to comply with official and legal requirements and to satisfy internal rules, all related with ionizing radiation. Such ionizing radiation can come from radioactive material, x-ray equipment, linneal accelerators, etc.

Our main contribution areas are:

  • Radiation Safety Assessment
    The support that your organization needs for the satisfaction of all the radiation safety requirements and rules.
  • Training Courses
    Training to all personal of your organization so they can work safely in the tasks that involve ionizing radiation.
  • Personal Dosimetry
    Measuring the doses of the radiation received by your personnel with thermoluminiscent technology.
  • Technical Services
    Designed to comply two important aspects: The legal requirement and the technical aspects such as:
    • Calibration service for radiation detectors.
    • Installation and Service of Radiation Gate Monitors of Ludlum Measurements Inc.
    • Leak Tests for Sealed Sources.
    • Spectroscopy of Samples.
    • Transport of Radioactive Material inside the Mexican Territory.
  • User Library
    An acquis of useful documents and regulations in the ionizing radiation field and applicable to the mexican country.
  • Sales of Radiation Detectors, Radiation Protection Devices (RPD) and Dosimetry Equipment.
    Radiation detectors specifically recommended for your medical or industrial needs, we are international representatives of the following companies:
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